Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mathwork out and World Cultures: Silver Schmidt

yes it is a right cause you need to use a computer for a lot of stuff you do. if you didnt have a computer you would have to write everything. 

the internet is a social change because most web sites are social where everyone can see. 

yes i think china is. 

Brooke Engholm 

Google Maps By Lance S.

internet post

is the Internet a human right? yes because every body should be allowed to have the internet

-Is it a vehicle for social change? yes because now how would they get all there information

-Is China worried about what could happen in their country? yea because then they can start another protest


America history ww2 by brooke engholm

Kaylee S (:

I think the internet is a human right because people can use the internet for so many things its a tool and it helps people know whats going on around the world

Internet is a social change because it passes information so fast and  so efficiently internet is how people get almost all of their information

I think China is worried i mean its hard for them to block all information from getting out the internet is very helpful for everyday use so the government probably is worried

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quiz: States (US) and Capitals

Brandon r.

-Yes the internet is a human right it allows people to get connected and learn stuff.

-Yes people can cange is possable it can show thnem the right way to good life.

-yes and no it could be used in bad ways for searching up people that you do not like and good to learn somthing good and history.


Flash Card study helper

American Histroy Quizz(:

Flash Card Study Helper

Brandon R.


Eliza Van Wetter

Droid Apps

Adrian T

Emiy W.
Ian V.

Doodle kids

i recommend this to any class room teacher (perferibly computer class)

Math Attack App

I would like to use this app in math class because i learn by hearing and also by visualizing -Serena Simas

3D Cell (: Kaylee Brooke