Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Handheld app list

Here is a list of ideas we collected on hand-held uses.

Is the Internet a human right?

We read this article: http://www.zdnet.com/blog/perlow/egypt-blocked-in-china-is-internet-access-a-human-right/15746?tag=nl.e539

Students posted their responses to:
-is the Internet a human right? Why?
-Is it a vehicle for social change? How?
-Is China worried about what could happen in their country?
You be the judge.

How can you use your handheld in classes?

I posed the question how can you use handhelds to improve your learning. Each student had to find 10 apps from their cell phone, ipod, MP3 player, or our class iPad using itunes app store and tell how each app could be used for learning. Then 3-4 students combined to create a presentation to sell their ideas to teachers at our school. Let them know what you think of their ideas.